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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

X-Press Boot Camp: In Which I Am A Bridal Cliché

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Studio X, the small gym on SE Stark tucked next to the Bonfire, is a place I've revisited intermittently since I first profiled it when it opened in 2009. They have a variety of boot camp-style classes (as well as yoga and Pilates) that feature circuit training heavily (one thing I really like is that they have lots of water breaks built into their programs, which helps save some pain on the sports-massage table), all the instructors are cool, and the space itself is clean and modern.

I've been under a pretty steady grind of stress since about March, segueing from producing a big event (Open Season, if that's not obvious) immediately into the emotional/financial roller coaster of first-time home buying, and I'm getting married in two scant months. Sometimes when I'm stressed out I lose my appetite, but lately it's had the opposite effect, making me crave comfort foods (mostly cheese, which I've been caving on, despite having been non-dairy for the past few years), plus I've been cultivating a disturbing capacity for chardonnay. I've never stopped working out—I run 10-20 miles a week, plus biking and walking a lot—but I need a shot in the arm, especially in the face of mounting pressure to look "my best" at the wedding. It really, really doesn't help that I'm five pounds over what I was six months ago (thanks, CHEESE), which totally pisses me off.

And so, on the suggestion of a friend, I signed up for Studio X's X-Press Boot Camp, reintroducing things like, oh, upper-body exercise to my life, as well as making a so-far valiant attempt at calorie counting, something I've always doubted the accuracy of and shunned as too much hassle.

  • Studio X

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get your cleanse on with Pure Simple Juice

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:59 AM

  • Pure Simple Juice

From Gwyneth, Nicole Richie, to Beyonce, all the svelte celebs have been spotted with their trendy glass bottles full of colorful concoctions. Before you have to be bikini bod ready, you may want to try a juice cleanses to get rid of any bloat, and kick start your diet. Enter local juice company Pure Simple Juice, who offers cleanse packages for either 3 or 5 days. All of their juice is freshly squeezed and ready to pick up in the morning, or can be delivered for a small additional cost. My friend recently completed the 3 day cleanse, and she said the juices were super tasty, and that Pure even sends encouraging e-mails each morning of your cleanse!

The spring 2012 cleanse package includes:
Per Day, One 16-ounce bottle of each freshly pressed juice:
• + Carrot plus
• + Green juice
• + Green lemonade
• + Almond milk
• + Kombucha (fermented tea)
• + 1 quart Veggie Miso broth (bone broth optional)
• + Herbal tea
• + Handouts on what do before, during and after the cleanse

Get all the deets here, and happy juicing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Four Easy Excercises for a Strong and Sexy Bod

Posted by Elizabeth Mollo on Wed, May 2, 2012 at 8:59 AM

Summer is coming fast, and most of us would like to look somewhat sexy while baring minimal clothing. Luckily for me I am able to utilize my brother, Daniel Mollo, to help me whip my body into shape. (Unfortunately he lives in San Jose, so I only get one-on-one training a couple of times a year.) He has an MA in Kinesiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer, did consulting work for the NASA Ames research center, and he works as an independent trainer and at a physical therapy clinic. During a recent trip back to San Jose I asked him to show me some exercises that could be done at home that would yield results that could be both seen and felt, (look great and gain strength.) The following exercises are ones I am sure you have done before, and you will maybe exclaim, "No shit! I know how to do those exercises! I have done them before and they are boring!" Well, I suggest revisiting them, because you will soon read they are highly beneficial and are some of the most underrated and effective exercises you can do:

These four simple exercises require no equipment and can easily be done at home. They are effective and also do not require a lot of time to complete.

Push-up: Not only does the push-up strengthen the chest and arms, it also strengthens your back and core muscles as well. Position your hands directly under your shoulders and place the feet next to each other. Elbows should be angled slightly to the side. Keeping the torso straight with the legs, push your body off the ground and then lower the body back down to the point that your nose almost touches the ground. If you can not lift the body off the ground or your lower back arches as you lift up, you can modify this move by placing your knees on the ground. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions, building up to 5 sets of 15. Rest at least one minute between each set.

Start Position

High Push-up Postition

End Position (Make sure to hover over the ground!)

Modified Start Position

Modified End Position

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: The Movement Center

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 12:44 PM

The Movement Center: Yes, this building is right behind the Tonic Lounge.
  • The Movement Center
  • The Movement Center: Yes, this building is right behind the Tonic Lounge.

A continuation of a yoga-class sampler series, where I flit about town using my Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town).

I've been wanting to go to the Movement Center (1021 NE 33rd) ever since I first wandered by it in my ramblings. It's a very mysterious-looking building tucked right behind the Tonic Lounge off NE Sandy with a large Jane Eyre-esque brick building, a huge private garden, and a cloistered allure that plays host to visiting swamis and spiritual retreats. After breezing through the gates, I walked through the beautiful spring-blossoming grounds to the side of the building. A receptionist in a light and airy area was there to greet classgoers, and behind her was a large chapel-like room where they hold meditation classes (I didn't get a great look, but I think this is a picture of it). She directed me down a flight of stairs to the changing rooms, prop storage area that had a awesome view of an outdoor walkway to another section of the building, and two yoga studio spaces, which were nice rooms with windows looking out into the surrounding trees. My first impression was that maybe that particular class at the Movement Center didn't get a lot of walk-in yoga students, like I was a bit of an anomaly in the after-work gentle hatha class. The class had about half a dozen mostly older students who seemed to be regulars. And when I say "gentle," I really, really do mean gentle (so gentle the teacher was wearing jeans and I counted three distinct set of snores during the shavasana). But I did feel fantastic afterward, so my body liked it, even if my mind wandered. I'd love to go back to the Movement Center—and I think I will for their $5 community classes—just because I don't think that class was super indicative of their typical yoga experience, in fact, I kept thinking I'd accidentally wandered into a seniors-only class and no one had informed me of my blunder, which made me all the more self-conscious of wearing a Mickey Mouse-emblazoned T-shirt. While I was packing up my stuff to leave, one of the mediation classes was taking place and there was chanting and music pouring out of that chapel space, and a woman walked in carrying a tower of halved coconuts. You can bet your booty I'm going back, just to see more of those sights.

Next week: I clean myself up and put on mascara to go to Yoga Pearl.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Warrior Room

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Yesterday evening I made the trek out to The Warrior Room in Milwaukie to check out two of the most prevalent workout trends of the times: 1) Kettlebells, those cast-iron handled weights that were introduced in the US from Russia (where they have been common since at least the early 18th century) in the early '00s that have been causing weight loss aficionados' hearts to flutter for their time-efficient, full-body exercise potential:


And 2) the increasing trend of economy-stressed people moving away from the expense of hiring a personal trainer in favor of participation in less formal, small group training environments like the Warrior Room, where a maximum of six participants work out in a two-car garage under the watch of NESTA Certified SAQ Specialist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer Ashley Jensen, who also keeps one eye on a video monitor of the house's interior. Inside lives an elderly man (her partner's grandfather) suffering from dementia for whom Jensen works as an around-the-clock caretaker, occasionally leaving her "warriors" to their kettlebell repetitions to dash inside and assist him.

It's partly due to these circumstances that Jensen's rates are low (eight one-hour sessions: $64, unlimited monthly pass: $96) compared to other workouts with that level of personal attention, though she also feels strongly that people shouldn't neglect their fitness goals out of monetary concern. The class sizes (nine are offered each week, including one class for kids) help foster a tight-knit community. In the yard of the house they've created a community garden, swap healthy recipes, and support each other through monthly challenges and weekly competitions like sticking within daily calorie allotments or completing an additional number of reps of a certain exercise within one week's time.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Spring Classic Duathlon

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 11:59 AM

The long, weird Portland springtime of on-again, off-again spots of sunshine produces an effect down on the Waterfront that always makes me think of this old I, Anonymous:

Why is it that whenever Portland sees some sunshine, runners come out in droves?... There were seriously tags for athletic apparel strewn on the sidewalks of downtown Portland, as if office workers burst out of their offices at lunchtime, ran into Niketown and changed on the sidewalk—in such haste that they could not be bothered to deposit these tags in a trash can.

True. There are obviously a lot more people (including seven-person-wide phalanxes of staggering tourists taking up the whole goddamn path—they seriously need to stop doing that) opting for outdoor exercise when the sun sees fit to poke its head out than there are when it's just you, the January wind and hail, and the other three joggers you pass and exchange stoic little nods with.

It also means that it's the early season for the marathons, triathlons, and other athletic events that will run through the summer on weekends all over town to raise money, give exercisers a goal/charitable sense of purpose as motivation. This weekend, for instance, is the Spring Classic Duathlon, which I would not suggest you try if you're not already in reasonable shape and a regular runner/biker, but should be just fine if you are without any specific training: It's a 5k run followed by a 15-mile bike ride, followed by another 5k run on an almost completely flat course—piece of cake! The route itself will close off most of Marine Drive, and the cost to participate is $65 ($70 if you wait to register until the day of—a bit spendy, but these things all tend to be, and it's a lot less than the Rock 'n' Roll marathon later this month that was going for $115 and counting last time I checked. I don't think there's a charity either, so you know, do it for yourself, the t-shirt, and the bragging rights.). Register and complete info is here. Stretch! Hydrate!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: Root Whole Body

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 12:59 PM

  • Root Whole Body

A continuation of a yoga-class sampler series, where I flit about town using my Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town).

I think it's been established that I'm a slacker, right? We all know this truth to be self-evident. Actually, I was on vacay and gone for a bit, but my Yoga Pu-Pu Platter series continues with a wee review of a hatha class at Root Whole Body (2526 NE 15th). The space is lovely and well appointed with glass doors all along the wall of the yoga studio that open when the weather is not trying to drown every citizen of the Pacific Northwest. Root has a nice locker room with showers, towels, and also a co-ed, clothing-mandatory sauna that you're invited to use before or after yoga classes. I've had a massage there in the past and the waiting area is a cozy and delightful little nest beyond the sauna, complete with warmables like tea. To the yoga class: There was a new instructor for the mostly full class on a weekday night, and she was mellow and welcoming. I'm used to hatha classes being a little more laidback and gentle than vinyasa, but in this class we held poses for long stretches, almost like a yin class. It started to get a tad uncomfortable and then the instructor would ease off, transitioning us to new poses. Overall, it felt really good and she came around the room at several points when our eyes were closed to mist us with various spritzes, like we were cats she was trying to train to keep off the kitchen counters. I kid—whatever concoction she was spraying on our faces smelled lovely, although one has to wonder how all those hyper-sensitive-to-perfume people were feeling. I've always been particularly pleased by the various yoga instructors I've encountered at Root, they're challenging and and knowledgeable. It was a 75-minute class that went 15 minutes over, so I was hauling ass to get out of there on time—rushing to stuff my face with my man at Laurelhurst Market (sweet, sweet MercPerk)—so I didn't enjoy the sauna, but I've soaked in its splendor before. It's well worth a visit.

Next week: The Movement Center (that bizarre building behind the Tonic Lounge on NE Sandy, where I'm pretty sure they're brainwashing Jane Eyre to learn the way of the yogi). I can't wait for this one! I've been meaning to go there for years!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: barre 3 Southeast

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM

  • Google Maps

A continuation of a yoga-class sampler series, where I flit about town using my Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town).

Totes intended to go to the barre3 location in the Pearl, but the easy walk home from the Southeast spot (2523 SE 22nd) lured me in. Because much like last week, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to Thursdays. I do a boot camp in the morning on Mt. Tabor, so I'm pretty spent by the end of the day and I have a couple intense workouts on Fridays and Saturdays, so I find myself looking for something chillaxing on Thursdays. So I really had NO BUSINESS being at a barre3 class. The local company describes its workouts thusly:

barre3 evolves the dancer's workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. barre3 classes are set to an upbeat soundtrack and follow a vigorous pace moving through a sequence of postures designed to shape and lift the entire body.

They neglected to mention how hard it would be in that description. The upbeat instructor set me up with a litany of props (a squishy ball, yoga mat, yoga strap, and small hand weights), cranked up some Adele, and plopped me in front of a vast room-sized mirror. There's nothing worse than staring at your grimacing reflection for an entire hour-long workout. Then for an interminable amount of time we flapped our wings, and stretched our legs to the heavens on ballet bars, while the instructor chirped encouragement into her headset, "Tap, tap, tap, tap those booties. Suck in that stomach. Tap, tap, tap those toes to the ceiling." I had dreams of Little Miss Vicki's tap class. It was a sort of cumulative pain, deceptively easy at first with minimal movements, which became increasingly more difficult. We also did a lot of squishy ball squeezing with our ankles, thighs, and back. My abs are sore today, as are my inner thighs, and my booty's been sufficient tapped (heh). The space itself is quite nice, with a kid corral in front where children are imprisoned in a happy, fun zone, and the studio is large and open, with room-framing ballet bars and elaborate skylights overhead that enabled me to explore the cosmos whilst in a dizzying amount of oblique-crunching pain. I'd recommend it, especially for former dancers, as it's sort of a melange of aerobics, pilates, and ballet. I'd also recommend standing in the back so you don't have to see every sweaty, gross pore on your face in the ginormous mirror while you're grunting along to Madonna.

Next week: Root (because that complementary sauna sounds fan-fucking-tastic).

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Sweat With Richard Simmons

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 6:25 PM

Not to get all travel diary on you, but I just came back from a trip to Los Angeles, and feel compelled to share with you the cheap thrill that is Richard Simmons' aerobics class:

  • Laurel Rose

This was taken on Saturday afternoon by my friend Laurel right after we'd completed an hour and a half of "Richard Simmons Sweat!!!", the surprisingly (?) pervy, ridiculously amusing workout hosted three times a week at the Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills by the 62-year-old motivational fitness celebrity at the totally worth it drop-in price of $12.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter: The Bhaktishop

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Geez, I made a big stink about starting up this yoga sampler series, yet here we are two weeks later. In a move that mirrors my current level of laziness, my first yoga class I used from the Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town) was for the Bhaktishop (2500 SE 26th). It's by far my favorite studio in town, with a perfect blend of no-nonsense yoga practice and some things that prior to my move to Portland so many years ago I would have decried as woo-woo crockery, like chanting mantras at the top and bottom of each class, singing "om" in a my monotoned manner, and being enchanted by a floor accordion known as the harmonium. So yep, I was feeling lazy yesterday after a morning hill run, so I opted for the delightful night-time Restorative Lounge class taught by my favorite Bhaktishop yoga teacher Jeannie. This is the type of yoga class where you end up making yourself a fortifying nest of bolsters, blankets, blocks, and eye pillows and nearly falling asleep on the floor surrounded by drooling white people. There are also candles. And the Bhaktishop has cookies in the lobby. It's a lazy girl's nirvana. I was a mite concerned when the well-populated but laidback class was tainted by the appearance of an aggressive downward dogger, all butt waggling and heavy sighing, but she settled her ass down pretty quick. The rest of the class were in the restorative spirit, and there was plenty of nesting. It's a delightful class, in a warm and pretty space. I definitely recommend it... also COOKIES!

Next up: I head downtown. That is not a euphemism.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yoga Pu-Pu Platter

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Okay, I saw this on Portland Picks (insert joke about cocktails, getting fat, buying jeans, silly men, etc.), and they're right, it's an ingenious idea. It's the yoga pu-pu platter! A smattering of yoga classes from dozens of studios around Portland, this sampler idea is called Passport to Prana. For $30 you can attend one yoga class from places like the Bhaktishop (my favorite!), the Bikram joints around town, Root (the fanciest with their complimentary sauna!), and the enchanted-seeming Movement Center (that crazy big building right off NE Sandy tucked in behind the oil-change garage). I'm already a sampler of yoga places around town, so I'm going to put my dilettante skills to use for the benefit of MOD's yogis by going to all of Passport to Prana's studios (but maybe not the out-of-town ones—I refuse to drive to Vancouver for vinyasa). Then I'll report back on a weekly basis about my yoga travels.

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year Specials To Help Keep Your Resolutions

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 8:59 AM

The post holiday period is tricky. If you’re like me, you may have overindulged with lots of parties, home cooked meals, and yummy cocktails. Here’s a few local spots to help you on your path to overall wellness in 2012:

  • Sprout

Sprout Health located on SE Hawthorne offers health coaching, affordable yoga classes, cooking classes and a wide variety of workshops and programs. I’d love to try their 21 Day Anti-Inflammation Group Cleanse, which involves 3 weeks of education and active anti inflammation cleansing. After unsuccessfully trying the trendy “Master Cleanse” last year, this option seems much healthier and realistic. Another interesting option is the Pantry Clean Out and Grocery Store Run Through. A wellness expert will come to your house and scour the cupboards to see what’s lurking, sounds scary but awesome! For more information about all of Sprout’s classes and programs click here.

  • Loyly

Loyly has a cleansing New Year Package- $85 per person or $159 for two: 45 minutes in the sauna and steam, followed by a renewing 45 minute massage, then 45 more minutes in the facility. Also includes a sparkling Voss water, cleansing tea, cleansing clay mask and body salts. Sounds like the perfect way to sweat out all those toxins. Click here to see Loyly’s other specials and to find out more information about their beautiful steam/sauna facility.


Get a free introductory week to the SKOGG Gym located in the Pearl. If you’re feeling up to a fun, fierce, and intense workout, this would be a great program to try. The SKOGG system combines cardio, conditioning, and kettlebells in a one-hour class that is sure to tone your bod in no time. For more deets click here.


Treat yourself to a Spa Retreat with Dosha salon. The package includes a full body massage, spa pedicure, spa manicure, and shampoo and styling of the hair for $165. If you need a little maintenance and relaxation this is sure to do the trick. Also noteworthy, their steam room, soaking pool and showers are complimentary with services such as massages, facials, and body treatments. Dosha has a few locations in the area so click here to find the one closest to you.

  • Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala is offering a new student special: $20 for two weeks of unlimited drop-in classes plus 20% off your first 10-Class Package or 10% off your first 5-Class Package. Yoga Shala has a NE and SE location, click here for more information and their class schedule.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sisters 4 Survivors 24-hour Yoga Event

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Coming up on January 28th-29th is Stretch 4 Survivors a twenty-four hour yogathon, with all proceeds benefitting Sisters 4 Survivors, a nonprofit organization which supports women affected by breast cancer. Join this powerful event individually, or as a team of 12-24 people. Featuring classes taught by some of the most highly recognized names in the local yoga community, Yogi’s of all abilities are uniting to help this amazing cause. The event will take place at Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club, for more information and to register click here.

  • Stretch for Survivors

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Introducing: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats by Sophie Leininger

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 8:59 AM

  • Sophie Leininger

San Francisco painter Sophie Leininger recently debuted her new collection of hand drawn and designed yoga mats. Combining her affinity for painting and practicing yoga, Ms. Leininger found the perfect new project; Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. Each mat design is hand drawn, and are sustainably printed in California using only non-toxic, phthalate-free materials. Leininger believes that “Performing yoga postures on a beautiful mat enhances the yoga experience by connecting the pleasures of the heart to the movement of the body,” and I couldn’t agree more. These beauties put my decomposing Lululemon mat to shame- I know what’s on the top of my Christmas list this year! To purchase via her website click here.


Friday, December 2, 2011

The New Workout Plan

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 8:59 AM

The decadent holiday season can have you packing on the pounds in no time. Don't wait for the new year to hit the gym with these challenging workout—many of which are offering awesome introductory deals—and keep your mind, body, and spirit focused and fit!

Click studios to see schedules, pricing, and more:

Fulcrum Fitness- Intense boot camp style workout, first week free! Click here to sign up.


The Bhaktishop- One week unlimited yoga for $20.


Barre3- Ballet bar meets yoga/pilates: Three classes for $30.


Portland Adventure Bootcamp for Women- 3 days a week/month for $239, prices vary according to package.


Portland Thai Boxing- Kick some ass with Muay Thai, CSW, Kali, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style classes offered daily.


YoYoYogi- New student special 12 classes in 30 days for $38.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homeschool Snowboarding: Break Your Neck Local!

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:29 PM

I've never gone snow skiing in my entire life. And frankly the one time I attempted water skiing was not encouraging. However over the years I've been had an increasing number of friends expound on the virtues of mellower snow sports like snowshoeing and cross country skiing—which, as was just being stressed to me over drinks last night at the Rum Club, is both extremely thigh toning and totally doable with a to-go jug of whiskey in hand. I guess I could get down with that.

For the less faint of heart, of course, there's snowboarding, and just in time for the season a new local start-up, Homeschool Snowboarding, has its outerwear on the market for the first time. If I'm in the snow trying to/not to break my neck, I'm going to care foremost about being warm and comfortable, and Homeschool addresses the need for functionality by working with tech fabric company Cocona (out of Boulder), which claims to have produced a product that wicks moisture from skin 50% faster than competing technical fabrics.

As for how they look, the majority of the designs are straightforward, which I like, though there is one crazy pattern available. Simple pants:

  • Homeschool

You can check 'em out and buy through their site, or hit up the US Outdoor Store. Crazy pants are after the break.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Boot(y) Camp with Kristi Cole from Yo Yo Yogi

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 8:59 AM

I don’t know about you guys, but for me summer is ubiquitous with BBQ’s, beers, and lounging in the sun. September is right around the corner, and it’s about time to get those skinny jeans back on. Beat the bloat with Boot(y) Camp. A weeklong, early morning, ass-kickin’ workout that combines yoga, running, and circuit training to get you sweating off those extra lb’s. Camp starts September 19th and runs through the 23rd, space is limited and at only $48 it is sure to fill up fast. Register here now!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Bhaktishop's Upcoming Workshops & Events

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Looking for a last minute decompression getaway? Find inner balance and get those yoga arms you’ve been lusting after with The Bhaktishop's retreat this to Opal Creek. They ship out tomorrow through the rest of the weekend, but spots are still available. Suitable for all levels, this yoga workshop takes place in the breathtaking ancient rainforest. The retreat aims to strengthen the mind and body in the serenity of nature while exploring Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative styles of yoga. For more information and to register click here.



In town, The Bhaktishop is also offerieng a free event this Friday from 7:30-9 pm called "Nourishing the Body and Mind: A Non-diet Approach to Food, Weight, and Health."


Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD and Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC from Be Nourished will discuss how an enjoyable relationship with food happens naturally when the focus is more on nurturing the body and mind and less on dieting.

The Bhaktishop is located 2500 SE 26th Ave at the corner of SE Division.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whip into Shape with Fulcrum Fitness Fitcamp

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Wed, May 4, 2011 at 8:59 AM



Summer is coming right up, got your bikini bod on the brain? Fulcrum Fitness Fitcamp is a challenging boot camp style workout that is designed just for women. Aimed to tone and sculpt muscles, this intense workout will have you sweating. Held five days a week at Portland’s most beautiful parks, Fitcamp will get your bum ready for the beach in a hurry.

Portland Fitcamp is a fitness program that includes top notch guided workouts, nutritional coaching and motivational training designed to get you in the best shape of your life, in the shortest, safest possible time regardless of your current fitness level.

Fitcamp is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, to register today click here.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help Japan

Posted by Kayla Rekofke on Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 8:59 AM


Join Yoga Pearl this Saturday, March 26th for a Power Vinyasa class benefitting the Mercy Corps Japan relief fund. Mercy Corps is working to help survivors of Japan's earthquake and your donation will be used to meet immediate and longer-term needs of earthquake survivors.This class will focus on Pose of the Dancer, a challenging balance pose named after Nataraj, the dancing form of Shiva. Dancer’s pose symbolizes cosmic energy representing five actions- creation, destruction, preservation, salvation, and illusion. This dynamic pose will open your heart, and help create new energy while letting go of stagnant feelings. Yoga has become a true sanctuary for my mind and body, teaching me patience, balance, and most importantly appreciation for others and myself.

As one of my favorite teachers Shaney often says,
”Go out into the world and do well, but more importantly go out into the world and do good.”


Class Donation- $15
Class begins promptly at 4:30
Yoga Pearl is located at 925 NW Davis Street

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How's Your Fitness Resolution Going?

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 9:42 AM

If you're smart, you didn't even consider working out on the first, since back when you were still bad in 2010 you gave yourself a nasty hangover. But by now you should be making it stick, like all the other people hitting the gym and raising the humidity levels in Bikram classes all over the city. If you're still looking for a point of entry, The Bhaktishop is offering some great deals. In fact, they've actually lowered their prices for the new year, in addition to their usual three classes per week that are either free or by donation (sorry to blow a hole in your "but I'm broke" excuse). I also went to check out the newish Green Microgym on Belmont. Northeast residents might be familiar with the Alberta location, and the concept. The gym offers all your standard cardio, weight, and resistance training equipment (they're also beginning to offer classes, like a small yoga class and an upcoming spin class, in addition to acting as a location for personal trainers and their clients), but with an innovative twist. The use of the cardio machines generate electricity, helping to lower the amount of the energy consumed by the gym, and keep everyone's costs down.




Altruism aside, they also have a rewards deal with local businesses in the area wherein you are able to cash in your hours on the machines in the form of gift cards. You can literally earn a sandwich at the Grilled Cheese Grill through the time you log working out. But even without the innovations, it's good just to see another gym spring up in inner Southeast (Studio X is another good one), where there has historically been a relative dearth. Hit the break for a couple more shots of the Microgym interior, and find membership rates and information here. And don't stall—they're running a promotion where the next 50 people who join will have a rate of only $30/month for life!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

... And A Yogic New Year

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 2:15 PM

For most of us New Year's Eve is a debaucherous blur of sequins and champagne, but if you want to start 2011 off with a glow, the Bhaktishop is once again encouraging you to join them: "New Years anywhere but the Shop in Oregon: Freezing cold, concrete, chapped lips, totally boring, no cabs, bad parties, and unmet expectations. New Years with us doing yoga: Warm, love-filled, celebratory, heart-in-the-right-place, tasty snacks, stretchy, intentional, extra-chanty and with mega- surpassed expectations. Bring on 2011 with us in an asana party at 9pm tag-team taught by Lisa Mae and Diana (register now, this will fill up!) until 10:30pm, followed by a little merriment and bubbly drinks and snacks (you know we throw down good snacks...) Then, snuggle in with us for some kirtan at 11pm with the Mala gang, chanting sweetly into 2011 with intention and grace. All for you!" That's right, all for you, you goody little two-shoes. Er, shoeless, um...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That Other Thing You Have to Worry About

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 11:00 AM

If the holiday season is all about finding a balance between its joys and stresses, don't overlook your health in the equation. While the summertime makes it easy for evening jogs and bike commuting, when it is perpetually dark and wet it forces you inside, and this time of year there are likely rich foods and booze inside. Personally I despise going to a gym. I can run for miles outside lost in my own head, but put me on a treadmill and every minute is an eternity. So whenever I can afford to I sign up for classes. Bikram is a mainstay, but variety is good for your body and your boredom, so I think it's best to mix it up. Luckily fitness experts are on it this time of year with extra incentives to keep yourself on track and sample a variety of routines. I'll try to feature some of the more interesting deals along with the litany of champagne-soaked shopping to-dos, and hopefully achieve that balance. First up: Ecdysiast is extending a killer offer with a 25% discount on all class packages through the end of December, so an eight-week course that normally goes for $250 is whittled down to $188, and the one-time taster class is $15 as opposed to $20. If you've never tried the pole dancing thing, it will probably surprise you by being less hokey and more focused on the athleticism and grace it takes to accomplish this form of dance, which is much harder than it looks.


And that actually looks pretty hard.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Green Microgym

Posted by Marjorie Skinner on Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 9:39 AM

One of the more appealing ideas that's been batted around as a possible use for the empty Washington High School (currently readying to open its doors this week as the late-night venue for TBA) is to turn it into a community center, with a pool and fitness facilities. But until a big, affordable fitness option that isn't something like this moves into Southeast Portland, little local options are cropping up to take in the slack. The next one on the horizon is the Green Microgym, which plans to open its doors on November 1st at 828 SE 34th Ave, Studio B. One advantage it has is a unique "Burn & Earn" program, which "rewards members accruing 10 total hours of cardio exercise on their grid-tied, electricity-generating equipment with a $10 gift certificate to a participating local business of their choice OR a 50% shopping spree at the Adidas Village store in North Portland." Hm, tempting. You may be familiar with the Green's style, in which the workout machines generate their own electricity, if you've ever visited the NE Alberta location, a sensibility that will no doubt be a hit in its new neighborhood. It's fall after all, time to go back to school/work/the gym with new resolve.


A Photoshop composite of the gym in progress. Photo(s) by Amelia Armstrong

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pumping Iron with the Mercury (Don’t Laugh): Fulcrum Fitness Grand Opening

Posted on Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 12:55 PM

24-Hour Fitness is terrible place. All those sweaty people, stuck indoors, doing the same exercises over and over and over… Sure, maybe it’s fine if you’re the one doing them. Satisfying, relaxing even. But for the people walking by the glass windows of those endorphin gas stations, my god are they depressing.

Newly opened Fulcrum Fitness (3934 NE MLK) has tinted windows and zero treadmills. It's owned by a former bodybuilder, David Levy, but the lighting is soft, his clothes are not tight, and I had to explain to him about Jock Jams. Weightlifting is only part of what happens here.

After a recent sports injury knocked Marjorie Skinner temporarily out of gym-testing commission, and with Matt Davis too intensely focused on his Beaver Freezer training regimen to take a break from talking about running, the baton passed to me to check this place out. I jumped at the chance and, with sporting season just around the corner, longed for that jump to be centimeters higher.

At Fulcrum Fitness, there are no “machines.” The space is basically a big, matted, room with special equipment lining the walls. There are free weights, stuff you’d see at a pilates studio (bouncy balls, foam rollers, etc.), and an apparatus for doing pull-ups (with some giant rubber bands to help the less butch work up to a chin-clearing lift). There’s also usual weight equipment, like kettleballs, a Russian invention that both looks and feels Russian (see below).

The Svetlana 5000
  • The Svetlana 5000

After my first class, I didn't walk out of Fulcrum Fitness drenched in sweat, but I was sore the next day. The core of the workout is dynamic strength training, with active warmups and some straight cardio (e.g. stairs) at the end. Most of the classes on the website are just listed as “Fulcrum,” but owner, head instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Levy mixes up the activities, tools, and target muscles each time.

The goal is to build on natural movements that you’ll incorporate into everyday activities, and build strength the way your body was meant to allocate it (i.e. no enormous biceps). Each class has options built into it. You can use heavier weights, more repetitions and longer rests between sets if you want to bulk up, or fewer rests and lighter weights if you’re looking for more toning and cardio.

For people (like me) who like a good cardio workout a few times a week, this isn’t going to replace that endorphin fix. But it will build strength, prevent injury, and help ease kinks and strains from the workouts you've already been doing. If I am going to spend money on fitness classes, I want to be getting something from them that I can’t get outside at a track or on a bike, and I feel that Fulcrum does offer this.

Read on for more quick facts (cost, M/F Ratio, etc.) about Fulcrum and info on the Grand Opening Party tonight.

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